Sunday, April 30, 2006

Anthony Snape!

Anthony is an Australian singer his debut CD single is Daylight from his Disapearing Day CD.

He has just recorded it and hopefully it will be released soon :)

Audio Samples here: Audio Samples

His official URL: Anthony Snape! Website

Bodypump 58!

I saw details of Bodypump 58 today and I think this release which is Michaels last one to be choreographed is an awesome release to go out on.

It is nice to know that his name is mentioned as the choreographer for Bodypump 58!

I would have loved to see Michael finish on Bodypump 59!

I am sure that Michael is going on to bigger and better things with his new business venture!

Thanks Mr PumpFrog :) you are a legend to me :)

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Bodypump Reviews!

Done the same with Bodypump Reviews Select the release and then click on GO!

Accessing the different bloggers new feature!

At the bottom of each blog was a skip menu to allow you to move from blogger to blogger.

The site has grown and growing more in the coming months!

Under the Home Page are controls now!

1. Choose your destination!
2. Click on Go to move to the next destination!
3. You can off course bookmark the pages with Ctrl + D as well.


Choose a Destination...

Bodypump Blogger!
Bodybalance Blogger!
Bodyattack Blogger!
RPM Blogger!

Click on Go!


Introducing Ashley Parker Angel!

Soundtrack to Your Life is his first CD out released on the May 16, 2006!

Let us Go is his first ever single!

Ashley's Website!"

check it out and hear his gear!


What's Left of Me - Nick Lachey!

After his split from Jessica Simpson Nick is back with a new CD, first single out is Whats Left of Me.

Nickis from the boygroup 98 Degrees!

5 BP 37 Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) 98 Degrees

Has a new single out :)


1. What's Left Of Me 2. I Can't Hate You Anymore 3. On Your Own 4. Outside Looking In 5. Shades Of Blue 6. Beautiful 7. Everywhere But Here 8. I Do It For You 9. Run To Me 10. Ghosts
11. You're Not Alone 12. Resolution

Nick is back :)

Nicks Website!

Ivana Spagna

Day by Day is her latest single!

She simply rock :)

Vote 1 [x] Ivana Spagna for Bodypump!

Ivana's Website!

On A Night Like This Kylie Minogue Bodypump 37

If you have not done On A Night Like This Kylie Minogue Bodypump 37 then you have not done lunges in Bodypump :)

As usual awesome choreography by Michael J McSweeney.

1 BP 37 Don't Let This Moment End Gloria Estafan
2 BP 37 Dream A Dream Captain Jack
3 BP 37 Sweet Child O' Mine Guns N' Roses
4 BP 37 Freedom DJ Bobo
5 BP 37 Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) 98 Degrees
6 BP 37 Harden Up Nicolette
7 BP 37 On A Night Like This Kylie Minogue
8 BP 37 B-Boys & Flygirls Bomfunk MC's
9 BP 37 Steal My Kisses Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
10 BP 37 Proud Heather Small

I adore On A Night Like This Kylie Minogue Bodypump 37 :) and all of Bodypump 37 :)

Bodypump 27!

Who ever is choreographing now please look at Michael work in Bodypump 27 if someone can choreograph a release like that with no rest periods in the whole class I would love to see that again :)

Pullovers and combination triceps in Bodypump!

I love Pullovers in Bodypump :)

Also combination tricep tracks I love them as well we had them in the 20's series of Bodypump.

Combinations of Triceps Press and Extensions like we had on the 90's in Bodypump!

And Fast chest tracks with no rest like in Bodypump 27 :)

Please whoever is choreographing Bodypump bring them back :)

Vote 1 Madonna Sorry [X] for track 3 Bodypump 60!

I had a wild idea for Sorry Madonna track 3 and wrote some choreography for it :)

Made a post on Madonna's new single "Sorry"

Madonna Sorry!

That track would rock as a track 3

I was trained on Bodypump 38 and we had Madonna as track 3.

Bodypump 38 Review!

Bring back Madonna as a track 3 I would love to do that track as a track 3 :)

Bring back Pullovers as well :)

Vote 1[X] Sorry Madonna Bodypump 60!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Welcome Back Series by Sony BMG!

 © 2004 - 2005 Sony BMG

Welcome Back 1998 - 2001 Cover
© 2005 Sony BMG

There are a 4 CD set volume of music called "Welcome Back" by Sony Music.

There are at least 180 titled tracks on the CD's ranging from 1986 - 2001 in the series of CD's. I highly recommend that you get this series of CD's which take a musical journey of a lifetime.

WELCOME BACK: 1986-1989: 2CD
WELCOME BACK: 1990-1993: 2CD
WELCOME BACK: 1994-1997: 2CD
WELCOME BACK: 1998-2001: 2CD


It is a very interesting place to post :) thanks to the ones who have posted :)

When registering for the main forum!

Could everyone please use a real e-mail address, if you don't then the account will bounce and not validate please!

Main Forum for the Site LM//RF/BTS/FC!

If you have registered in the last 7 days then you can acccess the forum and post.

There is a mailserver issue and manual registration has been done.

The forum has sections on all the major fitness and aerobic programs out there, it is not only Les Mills.

We also have several Certified RF Instuctors there as well. I know this is a Les Mills Blog but the forum caters for RF / BTS and Les Mills and also Fit Club International News as well. The guys from RF can answer any questions you may have and they have been there since day one.

The admin of this site were the first to offer a BTS - RF - Les Mills TR-FORUM before any other site!

There are over 43 categories to post in! It is the largets TRI-FORUM :)



Congratulations Adro Australia's Biggest Looser!

Awesome Inspiring Stuff!

Adros Profile!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The biggest looser Grand Final!

Here we have the grand final tonight it is really inspirational and I am so glad and happy for them and their success.

Congratulations to all of them :)

Reclaim your body today!


Apoptygmaberzerk are aquired taste :)

Apoptygmaberzerk Site!

I love their music!

David Pedersen!

Check out Davids site :)


Wild at heart - What the hell - Most Days - Basket case - Miss you the most - One in a million -Breath in - Gold - Brake for no one - The End - Kryptonite

Simular Advice Bodybalance Site!

Check the Bodybalance Blogger for guidelines for participants in Bodybalance/Flow!

Bodybalance Pregnancy Notice Bodybalance Site!

Pregnancy in Bodypump Update!

I do this occasionally:

There is now a handout in Pregnancy in Bodypump that will assist participants who are pregnant in Bodybalance

If you have not done Bodypump before and are pregnant then it is best not to attempt the class.

The link on the side (which was there ) is currently not working I will try to see what I can do to get it up and running again!

Spend some time with your Bodypump Instructor and ask them for demonstrations of the exercises for pregnant participants and allways follow the guidelines offered by the instructor.

Always consult your gynecologist or health care professional before and during your pregnancy.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Loading Times!

The site now loads in less than 8 seconds :)


Own Domain!

The site now has its own domain . Which is going to be a bonus for the new home page I can load CGI and SQL scripts and JavaScript :) which is pretty cool!

Coming soon my Bodystep Blog Site!

Yes very soon :)

The site was created in January 2005!

Decided to bring it out of mothballs :)

Robbie Williams - Take That!


Wednesday Apr 26 09:00 AEST (Article might be missing at a later date!)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Aly & A.J!

The Rush is their latest offering :)


Check their!

Evans Blue

Discovered Evans Blue awhile back I really enjoy their music!

Evans Blue are:

Vocals – Matisyn Guitars – Parker Lauzon Guitars – Vlad Tanaskovic Bass low – Joe Pitter Drums – Darryl Brown

The Melody And The Energetic Nature Of Volume is their latest CD released this year!


1. A Cross And A Girl Named 2. Stop And Say You Love Me 3. Cold (But I'm Still Here) 4. Eclipsed 5. Beg 6. Over 7. Possessions 8. Dark That Follows 9. The Promise And The Threat 10. Quote 11. The Tease

Check out their music :)

Evans Blue Myspace!


Today is ANZAC Day where I am from to all the returned service men and women my thoughts for today.

25th April 2006!

Planned Outage from Site!

Over the next few days the site is going through maintenance mode.

Expect some delays in accessing the site!

I am trying to make access to the site faster when the maintenance is finished!


Monday, April 24, 2006

The Last Two Posts!

There is someone typing the blogs and that is me. The posts are not about music or about bodypump but life generally throws someone a curve ball and the owner of this site and the others attached occasionally puts entries here so that it has a personal feel about it.

Life is a long journey and I guess that apart of the journey understanding the different shades of myself goes into the mix of this site.

As Annie Lennox says "Baring all I am who I am"!

Kia ora to all!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tell people your dad and mum you love them!

This is a personal post and I feel I need to say it.

Following on from the post about Shannon Noll and his father.

Tell your father/mother that you love them spend time with them and get to know them.

Tell your dad/mum you love them always.

Make sure that you spend some time with your dad/mum as this time is precious!

My father/mother are my life and I will always love them and my father and mother are with me forever.

From a son to his father and mother!

To my father your spirit will be with me forever!

I love you and I will miss you forever!

From your son!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Shannon Noll New Single Out - Now I Run!

Shannon has been featured here for such a long time ever since his debut CD:

Introducing Shannon Noll
Shannons Debut Cd!

Shannons New CD Lift Shannons CD Lift!

Shannon is back with the third single from his second CD.

Now I Run is dedicated to his father, this is a father/son song. Shannon Noll is trully "Australian Idols" best export :)


1 Now I Run
2 What Does It Do To Your Heart
3 I'll Be Around

Shannons dad died in 2001 as a result of a farming accident!

Shannon is an outstanding person and performer!You would be trully moved by Shannons tribute to his father.

This site is proud to support "Australian Idol" and its performers :)

Friday, April 21, 2006

Bodypump Lounge!

Come on guys and gals its there start posting :) 6 members there :)

Adding to Home Page!

Three new categories (Bodyjam - Bodycombat - Bodystep)

If you are a Jammer - Stepper or a Combater and want to contribute please e-mail me :)

They are not blog's (in a typical sense.)

Home Page Update!

It is looking really cool. Tons of new cool things on it. I am amazed at what we have put on it and what two minds can achieve when working together :)

Everything is accessed via one page all in one place and it will become the centeral page for the site as well :)

Should be launched soon :)

Brooke Shields had a baby..

And at the same time that Katie Holmes had her daughter as well.

Poetic Justice :) congratulations to Brooke shields.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have a baby.....

Girl named Suri.

Very non forum - blog news and very so off topic :)

Clueless to why I posted this!

Najoua Belyzel - Gabriel!

(c) 2005 Scorpio Music

Najoua Belyzel - Gabriel that basculerait dans le bodypump :)

Vérifiez le leur Leur Skyblog!


Merci :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Group Fitness eXtravaganza 1 day only in Auckland!

One day and one day only:

Click here to find details of The Ultimate Les Mills Group Fitness Day

That should be an awesome day for everyone going :)

Thanks to the guys at LMI for that!

Filming Dates May 2006 Update!

The filming dates for May now appear under Filming Dates 2006 option on the sites!

Thanks to the guys at LMI for them!

Personal Thankyou!

Thank you to everyone who has come here 125,777 hits!

Thanks once again :) (insert shock icon here!)

Kristine W

Fly Again Tracklist:

1. Fly Again Fly Again 2. I'll Be Your Light 3. The Wonder of it All 4. Broken 5. Livin' Out Loud 6. All The Really Matters 7. Crazy Life 8. Save My Soul 9. Letting Go 10. Bittersweet 11. Song Lives On 12. Big Big Band

You can hear a wonderful selection of her music on her website an indepth artist profile of Kristine W will follow:

© 2005 (For General Educational Usage Only.)

Kristine W Website!

She has the debut track on future release Bodypump 58!I often visit her site over the last year or so, most trance artists have used her as a background singer!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Coming June 2006 Part 2 PopUpCards!

As of June 2006 I am introducing something new when Bodypump 58 is released. You will see it in a PopUpCard ©2006.

As of then every release will be in a PopUpCard©2006!

PopUpCard©2006 is copyright to

June 2006 New HOME PAGE!

June 2006 sees a new front end of this site.

The site is being constructed.

The bloggers - tracklists - forums will be accessed from one centeral page.

I am excited about this development :) and the new site will have java functionality as well :)

You can also access the other sites I have from there as well :)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Bodypump 58 and a little talk about Mike!

Little over 4 weeks till Bodypump 58. I can't believe that we are nearly towards the end of the 50's series of Bodypump 4 years ago that seemed like a long time ahead.

This is Michaels last choreographed release.

Then the end of Mr Pumps Bodypump reign!

I was going through all my choreography today for Bodypump and I was looking at his work it is really impressive when you look at the choreography. I looked at from Pump 21 forward to what who have today Bodypump 57 and Michael really has left a legacy of music and Bodypumps that can not be matched.

I only got to be in one class taught by Michael and that was Bodypump 40 and that impression has and still be with me forever. Michael certainly is going to be a tough act to follow.

I am also amazed that I know every Bodypump from release 21 to 57 (insert shock icon here!) I put Pump 21 on today and did it from track 1 - 10 and knew all the cues and also the choreography!

Lets see what the production team come up with on Bodypump 59 and then the 60's series of Bodypump begins!

I am doing a restrospective of the 50's series of Bodypump!

That is coming September 2006!

Connect - Talk - Communicate!

This is my mission statement for the next 6 months :) for the sites. It is now my official mission statement that connects the different services and sites that are here.

Connect to other Les Mills Instructors and Addicts around the world.
Talk to them either in the blog or the new blogforum2006.
Communicate with other people around the world!

Through connecting - talking and communicating this site can only grow and become awesome :)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

BlogForum©2006 Logo!

Added the new blogforum logo across the site today! The site has a commitment to joining the gap between the Forum and Blog Communities and making the site interactive for the visitors of the site. The aim of the blog is to be customer focused and allow users of the blog to register for the forum and talk about what is on the blog and what they want to talk about!

Join in today become an interactive member of the site!

Ray J


Ray J is hot!

Track Listing:

1. Raydiation Intro 2. Keep Sweatin (featuring Fat Joe) 3. What I Need 4. One Wish 5. Let's Play House 6. Blue High Heels 7. Melody 8. War Is Over (featuring Brandy) 9. Quit Actin (featuring R. Kelly and Shorty Mack) 10. Exotic 11. Unbelievable (featuring Shorty Mack, Detail and Gangsta Girl) 12. Sexy (featuring Mya) 13. In Tha Mood 14. Anytime 15. Centerview


The Charlatans!

The Charlatans!

Bodypump needs this kinda music man real serious music man! Lots of music today is really square, these guys are the real scene!

Blackended Blue Eyes out now :)


Get serious about music!

Yes it is out :)

Their myspace : The Charlatans!

Saturday, April 15, 2006 10:41 am edited 11:01 am April 15,2006

Sign up now BlogForum©2006!

You are reading what I am writing in the BlogForum©2006.

Don't be shy :) sign up and say something :)

The site has been up for 4 days now!


Friday, April 14, 2006

Original Video feed featuring Dr Jackie Mills taking the class!

The video feed is now working!

Site Notification!

As of 13th April 2006 any modfied entries would have a original date stamp of the article and then a modification date stamp.

So that you are aware of that the article has been modified since it was created.

Example would be:

Created: 1:44 pm 9th April 2006 Modified 3:13pm 14th April 2006 reasoning is that the article has had additional information added since the last viewing of the article.

We don't want you to read the same thing twice :P :)

Just release May 2004 Archives Article!

Click below to access article:

Les Mills International Article May 2004

You need acrobat reader to read the article.

The Magnificent 6 in action!

Bodypump Homeworkout Release (No Longer Available.)

The BodyPUMP Home Workout System features a 45 minute full-body workout tape led by Dr. Jackie Mills and the five original International Master Trainers who helped create the BodyPUMP program in New Zealand in 1990 AND the original barbells used in health clubs around the world - including (1) 3 lb bar, (2) 1 kg plates, (2) 2.5 kg plates (2) 5 kg plates and (2) quick release collars.
I had this a week or so ago on a draft. The Video is for Bodypump released in 1996 in the USA it was for commercial sale.

Have the tracklist in the track archives at the bottom

Tracklist Archives!

Dr Jackie Mills, Michael McSweeney,Cathy Spencer, Pete Manuel, Emma Barry,Steve Renata

1 Were all alone - Boz Scaggs
2 Shine - Paradise
3 Look Whos Talking Now - Dr Alban
4 I Love to Love You - La Bouche
5 Everybody - Back Street Boys
6 When The Going Gets Tough - Billy Ocean
7 Games People Play - Inner Circle
8 I Cant Stop Thinking of You - Eros Ramazotti

Class format was:

Track 1: Warm-up
Track 2: Squats & lunges
Track 3: Chest
Track 4: Back
Track 5: Triceps and biceps
Track 6: Shoulders
Track 7: Abs
Track 8: Cooldown & stretch

Video Feeds Below:

Bodypump Video Demo 1996

Original Video feed featuring Dr Jackie Mills taking the class!

Created: 1:44 pm 9th April 2006 - Modified 3:13pm 14th April 2006 - Modified 6:13pm 14th April 2006 Dr Mills Video Link Fixed 8:08 pm 14th April 2006 (now working.)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easter Greetings to all!

Have a safe and secure easter break.

Travel safe and the 4 day break.

We have Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Coming Soon 2 new blogs and a new forum to support them!

Can't say much now but I am launching two new blogs and a supporting forum for that program.

They have been fully developed and coming in May 2006 :)

June Pointer dies at 52 :(!

It is with sad regret to announce that June Pointer of the Pointer Sisters has died at aged 52!

June Pointers death notice:
June Pointers Death Notice

I adore the music of the Pointer Sisters and she would be sorely missed by myself!

She is survived by : Bonnie, Anita, Aaron, Fritz, and Ruth Pointer!

Junes last CD appearance was with Dionne Warwick on her Legends CD she sang a song called "Heartbreak of Love (Love)" that was August last year. She recorded a CD called "Baby Sister" in 1983 - 1986 she recorded a CD called " Hot Together" and "June Pointer"

To enter the Pointer Sisters Home Page:
The Pointer Sisters Home Page!

You can sign her guestbook at:
June Pointers Guest Book!

God Bless June Pointer!

Edited 9:34 pm 13th April 2006

Congratulations Shannon Noll!

Australian MTV Male performer of the year.

Become a foundation member of the BlogForum©2006!

Join in now awesome site tons to talk about :) and become a foundation member.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Lunges without weights Blog - blogforum 1st Poll :)!

My first poll using the blogforum.

First Time using the blogforum to do this which I am excited about :) Thats whats cool about joining the blog forum you can vote on the polls :) and add comments and talk about it there :)

I am so excited about the addition of the blogforum to the site :)

How cool is that :)

Click on the link below and register to vote in the poll!

Click here: Lunge Poll on BlogForum!

A blast from the past......2001

An interesting article of the formations of Les Mills and their programs:

June 2001 IHRSA Article

It goes into the history and development of all the Les Mills programs!

Loved what Michael said in Revolution this 1/4!

Michael was congratulations Les Mills Australia on becoming 10 years old.

This is what Michael said:

"The spectacular launch of Bodypump, in Australia is evidence of this regions huge passion for world class fitness experiences. Happy 10th Birthday LMAP! - Mike McSweeney

Source Revolution: March 2006 Edition © 2006 LMAP

Always a true professional and that was nice of Michael to say that :) Bodypump came to Australia in 1996, we were the first region to have Bodypump followed by Bodystep and Bodyattack.

Australia has the best Les Mills Instructors in the world - a total world class outfit :) we also have the best Bodystep Instructors as well (they told us so) :)

Just wanted to say...

Everyone comes to the site and uses the resourses of the site, no one is commenting on any thread.

I have been thinking about closing the site if no one is commenting!

There are over 500 hits to the site every day, people use the resources.

The site also takes alot of my spare time to run and maintain.

Feel free to comment on any subject!

6:10 12/04/2006 entry:

I must have had a bad hair day decided to keep it going :)

What are your current weights in Bodypump?

Posted in the BlogForum my weights interested in other weight selections!

What I am doing now is posting an entry here then opening it up for debate in the blogforum :)

Remember you have to register to post there!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Update on Bodypump 58 - 59 - 60!

Bodypump 58 is as I understand it choreographed by Michael J McSweeny. It has as its video presenters Alani Mala - Susan T and Shawn Egan (pictures on Reymonds Site.)

This is also how I understand it Bodypump 59 is a team effort. I also understand that until they find a replacement it will remain this way.

However, I have spoken to one of the team members that is co-choregraphing release 59 awhile back.

There has been no official statement from Les Mills International regarding a new choreographer for Bodypump 60.

Remember there was an advertisment on the site for a replacement for Peter Leo and RuthieP and also when Mike left the position as Head Choreographer and Product Manager for RPM when they left. There has been no add placed there yet. Filing their positions took some time to do so.

When it it anounced it should be on the main les mills site at:

Or a positions vacant should appear there advertising Michaels job.

BlogForum©2006 and the Blog!

4 articles there already.

Jump in and say something :) get in on the ground floor.

It is one of the most dynamic BlogForums around :) you can finally meet the people that visit this blog site finally.


Total Freedom You can edit your entrys if you make a mistake and want to add something.

Create Polls
RSS Syndication you can keep up to date via RSS feeds.
Post Tracker and keep up to date with your posting entries.
Get to know other people who share your passion from your fav Les Mills program!

So join in and meet everyone who comes here :)

This site supports instructors rights to freedom of speech in the BlogForum©2006!

Gina G

Gina G has a new website :)

7 BP 25 Love the life96 Gina G and 7 BP 35 Hight than love Gina G are her contributions to Bodypump loved those lunge tracks :)

Check her music site as well :

Belle Lawrence's Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

© 2006 Almighty Records Australia

Belle Lawrence has a new CD!


01. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Almighty Anthem Mix) 02. At The End (Almighty Anthem Mix) 03. White Flag (Album Mix) 04. U R The Best Thing (Almighty Anthem Mix) 05. Love Is On The Rocks (Almighty Anthem Mix) 06. I Think We're Alone Now (Almighty Definitive Mix) 07. Baby Get Higher (Almighty Definitive Mix) 08. The Closest Thing To Crazy (Almighty Mix) 09. Evergreen (Club Mix) 10. I Promised Myself (Almighty Definitive Mix)

CD2 (Megamix)

01. U R The Best Thing (Almighty Anthem Mix) 02. Whenever Wherever (Club Mix)03. How You Remind Me (Almighty Mix) 04. White Flag (Almighty Mix) 05. At The End (Almighty Anthem Mix) 06. Love Is On the Rocks (Almighty Anthem Mix) 07. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Almighty Anthem Mix) 08. I Think We're Alone Now (Almighty Definitive Mix) 09. Never Trust A Stranger (Almighty Definitive Mix) 10. Evergreen (Club Mix) 11. Baby Get Higher (Almighty Definitive Mix) 12. Miss Independent (Club Mix) 13. I Begin To Wonder (Club Mix) 14. The Closest Thing To Crazy (Almighty Mix) 15. Don't You Forget About Me (Almighty Mix) 16. I Promised Myself (Almighty Definitive Mix)

She rocked with Evergreen from Bodypump 49 :) the finest track 1 ever expertly choreographed by Michael J McSweeney!


©2006 Dance Street/Germany

Queen of Chinatown 2006 Awesome Track :) that track would rock in Bodypump :)

New Technical Help Section for BlogForum©2006!

Where all those pesky FAQ's are answered! Check there for how to and what to guides for the BlogForum©2006!

Monday, April 10, 2006

First time ever blogforum - lounge!

This is a first an actual forum (lounge) - blog combination. No one has ever done it before.

Coming Soon.

I am creating one for the RPM and Attack site as well :)

This is a pilot if it works then it will be here permanently.

You have to register to post there. The reason for the lounge is so that people who visit here can have a special place for them to post and chill and talk about Bodypump only. I think that is a cool idea.

It is your place to post only about Bodypump.

So please join up get the thing going and make it a wonderful place to post in :)

kia ora to all :)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Coming 10th April 2006!

The Bodypump BlogForum©2006!

Stay tuned :)

Marty Casey & the Lovehammers!

©2006 Sony

Who is Marty Casey he was runner up from Rockstar - JD Fortune won the contest and they are currently down the road from me preparing to do a outdoor concert on Monday. :) they will perform 4 songs from Switch.

Casey on the 24th January and his band Lovehammers released their 2nd CD. His voice rocks and I think he is cool. Murder on My Mind was their first CD. The guys opened for INXS on their national tour of the USA.


1. Casualty 2. Hold On 3. Trees 4. Rain On The Brain 5. The Tunnel 6. Eyes Can't See 7. The Riddle 8. Clinic 9. Call Of Distress 10. Straight As An Arrow 11. Clouds

Trees is the first single out from Marty's CD. is his site check it out and also his debut single there. for their videos :)

We need more rock in Bodypump :)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California

Dani California is the first CD single from their new CD Stadium Arcadium!

Click here to see the video: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California release on the 5th of April 2006.

The peppers in Bodypump!

A warm thanks to everyone!

Many thanks to everyone who visits this site.

I hope that the site has something for everyone.

I enjoy writing up the site and hope that people get something out it.

kia ora to all :)

Fort Minor

Check out Fort Minor "Remember the name" is their first CD single out. If you love 50 Cent then you will love Fort Minor.

Was listening to their music would rock as an abs track :) much like track 9 of Bodypump 46 :)

Check the dude out :)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Medical Notice Added!

The site now has a medical notice attached at the bottom of the screen.

Please read :)

kia ora to all :)

My Guestbook - Sidebar!

The guestbook is now on the sidebar.

Pretty soon everything would be on the side bar lol.

The Poll Feature!

Polls have been moved to the sidebar!

Vote for the best tracks in Bodypump 57!
Vote for the best tracks in Bodypump 56!
Vote for the best Bodypump from 40 - 49!

More coming soon :)

Evenescense are recording a new CD 2006!

Details are emerging of a new CD by Evenescense really soon. They said that they would announce it soon.

So expect new music from Evenescense :) before to long!

10 BP 51 My Immortal Evanescence was a wonderful track 10.

They rocked as Bring me to Life - Bodypump 49 (I requested that one and got it yaaahh)


I can't really can't say much about Revolverheld their website says it all.

Warning the start up screen is a shocker. The rest is chilled :)

You need to experience Revolverheld!

I love Revolverheld they might not be everyones cup of tea!

Chanel Cole from Australian Idol joins - Spook

Chanel Cole from Australian Idol joins Spook. She was in last years Australian Idol final 12.

Daniel Belle from Australian Idol Slater and Waldorf make up the rest of Spook!

Check their site!

Will write more soon.....


© 2006 Virgin Records USA
24th January 2006 sees the release of Fivespeeds hotly awaited CD called "Morning Over Midnight" They are huge in Arizona.

If you are from where I am from "The Big Day Out" is a independent music concert that is held all over the country in various parts of the country. Fivespeed would be not be out of place there.

The music of "Fivespeed" would be def not out of place there or on Tripple J.

Listen to their music :)


01. Fair Trade 02. Mess, The 03. Morning over Midnight 04. Blame It on You 05. Vegas 06. Lights 07. Touch Of One 08. Drive (Field Guide) 09. Wait Forever 10. Misery Loves Company.

Morning over Midinight would be an awesome track 6 in any Bodypump they remind me of 3 BP 44 Smooth Criminal Alein Ant Farm and 3 BP 43 Enter Sandman Metalica or 6 BP 48 Bring me to life Evenescense

Check out their myspace:

I have been sitting on that one sice January this year!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Listen Here I am - Patrick Bunton

Ptrick Bunton is taking the music charts by storm.

Check his URL:

His music would rock in Bodypump as a track 8 and that would take off big time.

Marcos Hernandez

I have also been sitting on this one since January 28th 2006. I have no idea why I did not publish it.

His music is awesome and I guess I simply forgot to publish the thread.

I would love to see Marcos's sings in any Bodypump :) Where Marcos is he is bit of a heart throb and when the ladies see his site they will soon see why :)

I have tons of things set up in draft mode.

Kinda excited!

Was thinking today Bodypump 59 is something different from a new viewpoint. It really is exciting to see what the new choreographer comes up with.

And there won't be any Backstreet Boys!

Well one can try :P

The look on the their face was speachless in February!

On the same wave length :)

Well great minds think alike.

The cooldown for Bodypump 58 is You Raide Me Up - Josh Grobin

Well here is my dream mix:

01. We got Tonight - Rhonan Keating and Lulu (Almighty Remix.)
02. Bring Me to Life - Rochelle or Crazy (Claude Le Cache Club Mix) - Alanis Morrissette
03. Just want you to know (Jason Nevis Extended Mix.) - Backstreet Boys or Someday (Mike Felks Club Mix) - Slinkee Mix a top track :)
04. I believe in dreams - Jackie Rowe or Stronger (Almighty Remix) - Sugarbabes top track :)
05. Pretty Vegas - INXS
06. Miss Independent - Kelly Clarkson
07. Close your eyes - Headstrong or When I lost you (M*A*S*H Master Mix) - Sarah Whatmore
08. Blade - Warp Brothers and Red Monkey or Have a Nice Day - Bon Jovi - That would def rock :)
09. Run it - Chris Brown
10. You Raise Me Up - Westlife or Far Away - Nickleback or Advertising Space - Robbie Williams.

I had You Raise Me Up - Westlife :)

Sad News Gene Francis Alan Pitney!

Another non-blog entry!

On the 5th April 2006 Gene Francis Alan Pitney died.

When I was a growing up Gene's music was pretty much on all radio stations. I began listening to his music when I was around my grandfather. Everytime I hear Gene's music I remember my grandfather. Which makes the news even more harder to take. :(

I remember going to see Gene Pitney in concert and have awesome memories of him and his music.

Gene sadly passed away yesterday.

He was only 65 years old.

His obituary can be found at:

His website: is currently off line.

I posted this on another blog I have and thought that I should place it here.

God bless Gene Pitney!

Alexander Klaws

I have been sitting on this for awhile check out his site :)

Alexander Klaws:"

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

1,000th Post's!

Which marks my 1,000 entry here :)

Awesome stuff!

Today I called my local agent and they had Bodypump 38 playing as the hold on music.

I suggested that they might want to put some people on hold for an hour so that they can do the complete class on hold :)

LOL :) :P

Chicago XXX

Chicago have a new CD released on the March 21, 2006.

©2006 Rhino/Wea
Chicago XXX


01. Feel (Hot Single Mix) 02. King Of Might Have Been (Album Version) 03. Caroline (Album Version) 04. Why Can't We (Album Version) 05. Love Will Come Back (Album Version) 06. Long Lost Friend (Album Version) 07. 90 Degrees And Freezing (Album version) 08. Where Were You (Album Version) 09. Already Gone (Album Version) 10. Come To Me, Do (Album Version) 11. Lovin' Chains (Album Version) 12. Better (Album Version) 13. Feel (w/Horns)

Will write more soon.......

New Les Mills Asia Pacific Site!

Check the Les Mills Asia Pacific - Australia website!

Click here to enter site: Les Mills Asia Pacific

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Now that Bodypump 57 is out!

What a relief I now can talk about the release here. Have tons to say over the next few weeks.

One thing is that I am appreciating this release more and more knowing that this is Michaels last complete package. Choreographer - DVD presentation.

I am getting rather emotional towards Bodypump 58 when the big guy does his last master work in Bodypump 58.

If you want to train on any release do so now. Because this is a once in a lifetime chance to get trained on Michaels gear. From August 2006 you won't be able to say I was trained on Michaels gear.

So what are you doing?

Do the training NOW!

Making the site more professional!

Over the next week or so the site is going to become more professional looking.

I hope that the new site look is easily navigatable.

kia ora to all :)

Alejandro Fuentes

I like the music of Alejandro Fuentes :)

Stars and Sail Away are awesome debut singles by this remarkable singer :)

(c) 2005 RCA Records Label

Check out his website :)


Monday, April 03, 2006

The best things in life are.....Bodypump 14!

Can someone who is choreographing Bodypump please bring back:

The Best Things in Life are Free - Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson from Bodypump 14 please as a startup track that track is a happy track and would rock :)

Also Strike it up by Blackbox from Bodypump 14 please :) as a track 6 :) that track would be awesome :) or it may be a goer as a track 8 :)

Strike it up (Dance Mix) would be an awesome track 2 :)

Ride on Time by Blackbox would be an awesome track 3 as well. Nothing beats a fast chest track :)

Thanking anyone in advance :)

Forum overload!

Had to laugh today was reading in the Spanish Forum and then crossed back to the French Forum and crossed back to another forum.

I posted a reply that was meant for one in the other.

Needless to say the other forum now understands what Bodypump is :)

Laura Pausini - New CD 2006

Live in paris 05 is the current release.

I Need Love is an awesome track from her last set.

The video from that song is HOT HOT HOT..................

She was awesome as a track 1 in Bodypump 47 :)

01 Surrender Laura Pausini - The Inside (2002)


Anyone know anything about Cadence please e-mail me :) if you are into music then you know who Cadence are :)


Check out Briskeby awesome stuff :)

She reminds me of Rindi Ross from "Quaterflash" mixed with Martha Davis "The Motels"

Check out: as well :)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Bring back the Boybands into Bodypump Backstreet Boys - Not for Me!

Another top notch song by the guys from Backstreet Boys Not for Me would rock in any Bodypump class as an biceps track :).

Boybands rock :)

Awesome :)

New Sidebar!

There is a new sidebar for the site makes it more navigatable.

Also a sidebar for Fit Club International. If anything is happening there the link would be there.

To those who have e-mailed me (600 e-mails) there you are and also those cyberspace!


Human Nature - He Don't Love You!

The same with that track as well.

Need to have a fast abs track occasionally :)

The track was a huge hit for the guys in 2001 :).

That track would rock I tell ya :)

NSYNC - That Girl - Celebrity!

I would go to the ends of the earth to do That Girl - NSYNC as an abs track in any Bodypump class.

To whoever is choreographing this program now please use it :)

I kid you not :)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Scott Stapp - Creed - Solo CD!

© 2006 Wind Up Records

Scott is the lead singler from Creed he has a debut CD called "The Great Divide" it is a landmark recording from this awesome singer.

The Cd was released November last year.

For those of us who can remember Creed appeared in 2 Bodypumps:

T10: With Arms Wide Open Creed - Bodypump 38
T10: One Last Breath Creed - Bodypump 45.

I adore those releases :) especially Bodypump 38 where my Bodypump journey began :) Bodypump 38 to me is the finest Bodypump ever.

You get Lionel Ritchie / DJ Octopus / Madonna / Bandido / Ricky Martin / Britney Spears / Darude / Paffendorf /Pink and Creed. What more can anyone ask for?

Bodypump 45 is an awesome Bodypump as well :)

Michael choreographed 2 awesome Bodypumps there.

Scott is due to come to Australia this month for a pormotional tour and play some dates.

The Great Divide is the first single out.

You can watch the video at:

Track View:

1. Reach Out 2. Fight Song 3. Hard Way 4. Justify 5. Let Me Go 6. Surround Me 7. The Great Divide 8. Sublime 9. You Will Soar 10. Broken

Creed also have a Greatest Hits CD also that was released last year.

Would love to see more Creed in Bodypump :)

Chris Daughtry American Idol!

If there is anyone who is going to win American Idol it is Chris Daughtry.

Update on Fit Club International!

This was supplied to me by the people at Fit Club International.

They have been really forthcoming with information about Fit Club International and that is nice to see that in the fitness community.

They are at Las Vegas for IHRSA checking out the latest and greatest inthe world of fitness.

So if you were in Vegas check them out or if IHRSA are still there check them out.

Please visit for information.

I am trying to bridge the divide between Les Mills information and people wanting to know what's up with Michael J Mc Sweeney and his departure from Les Mills International. I am developing a seperate information portal with informaiton on Michael and Fit Club International.


Please direct all correspondance to Fit Club International at

Please quote this site in all matters regarding this entry.



Site News 01st April 2006!

Site News has been updated.

Get ahead and know whats happening across the sites by clicking on "Site News"

Check back occasionally for updates!

What is the ultimate role model Bodypump - Periodisation?

I have read over the last 5 years on various places about the above and the following is what I personally think.

To me it is someone who cans strip back the weights and work on a good technique class with the inital release of a program. Then over the release of the new Bodypump increases weights and demonstration "Body Correction"

If the release is new then striping back the weights offers time for "Body Correction" and re-focusing on the technical aspects of the class and proper ROM and execution of movement.

This then sets the pace and the "Race for Weight" domination over the next few weeks of teaching the release.

This motiovated me as a participant 8 years ago and still motivates me today instructional wise.

Increase the weights yes.

But remember going back to the basics and stripping it back down also increases technical awareness and increases your Bodypump weights progression.

Bodypump is based on the principles of Periodisation :) you periodise up and then go back to basics and work on that for the next 12 weeks of the release. You can make the class entertaining using the same release for at least 8 weeks instead of mixing matching to the point where the class has no clue or idea what they should be working on or trying to corrrect. Some people can only make it to class twice a week and only do a single release once ever and not even be able to experience "Body Correction" ever.

Which leads to the next objective:

Choosing a "Companion Track" a companion track is a track that is close enough structure wise to the last track used. In the current Bodypump we have Garbage as a track 3. The "Companion Track" for that song would be Jump Van Hallen from Bodypump 39 or Enter the Sandman - Metalica from Bodyoump 43. In the current 50's series Pump It Up Danzel from Bodypump 51they are excellent "Companion Tracks" clients can do those tracks with the increased weight loads in track 3 of the current Bodypump. Clients then can continue the Periodised phase that has been structured in the past 8 weeks. If you choose the wrong companion track then the participants are not going to appreciate it and would not be able to lift the weights established in the last 8 weeks of your carefully structured periodised structure. If you choose the structure and plan ahead then the rest takes care of itself. Selecting the "Companion Tracks" needs to be done at least 12 weeks ahead writing them up in a journal and sticking to the "Companion Tracks" structure.

In ending, if you periodise the release then this is offering the members of the class something special and makes them come back to the class. Lifting excessive weights is cool but they want some sort of challenge not a plateu of non-progressions which leads to boredom on so many levels.

If you do that then you are going to have a long and successful career in the fitness industry!

Your participants will also as well :)

It is their class!

The above is a personal viewpoint I have been thinking for the last 8 years and finally wanted to say something about the issue.

I am sorry about the rant!

Rant Over!


The above is a personal vierwpoint and not the viewpoint of Les Mills International. It is from 8 years of experience and observations over that time period. This site is not operated by or endorsed by Les Mills International and Les Mills International takes no responsibility for its content or the views expressed.

Coming up retrospective of Michael J McSweeney - Additional Functionality to the PopUpCards!

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